Stuff We Do


We Provide Technology For the Future.

Electronics Product Design & Development

We will work with your idea, perform detailed electronic design, construct prototype units, refine the prototype design and manufacture your electronic product. Fast. Accurately. On time and on budget.


We Provide a API integrated logistics solutions to enterprises both large and small in key areas such as freight transportation, warehousing, distribution, 3PL, reverse logistics and end-to-end supply chain management

PCB Designs

We are experts at Analog, Digital or Mixed Signal circuit design, Single Side to Multi Layer PCB layout, Customized parts library design – in short any design requirement at any stage of a electronic product.


We achieve pioneering tasks for future-oriented technologies in the area of the semi-conductor - in compliance with AVL principles. At the industrialization stage, we regulate the development costs with modern simulation processes to prevent an unnecessary financial burden.

Software Support

We provides a model-based embedded software development and simulation environment to accelerate embedded software development projects.

Our Skills

Hardware Development

Our cutting room floor is messy.


How well we are Providing various industries with B2B & B2C services

Web Development

We love servers and stuff.


We done make good joe, though.